Corona Virus Update ** IMPORTANT ** 24th March 2020.

Following the announcement by the UK Prime Minister yesterday evening, SWL has implemented our contingency plan to both remain fully operational, but also reduce risk and keep both staff and partners safe.

To minimise physical contact between staff, our office and warehouse staff have been split into 2 teams with one team working in the office and the other working remotely on alternate days. Please note our revised hours of operation for both warehouse and office will be 08:30 to 17:00, Monday to Friday.

Please use e-mail for communication with your regular contacts wherever possible.

We will continue to follow all new or updated guidelines as issued and updated by Public Health England, and will handle all cargo to the best service level possible.

Where meetings or discussions need to take place, we will handle via telephone or video conferencing facilities.

We will be keeping everyone updated regularly during these difficult times.

We appreciate your co-operation and understanding and wish good health to all our Staff, Clients, Partners and Suppliers wherever you may be.

To receive the most up to date information, please contact us.